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Welcome to Bella and Jake Wiki! This Wiki is for the Youtube show Bella and Jake (Not Yet Aired) on Jeber909roxsolo's Youtube! Please post a bunch of stuff on this wiki! Currently there are 27 articles and 481 edits on this wiki. The Wiki is growing fast everyday and you can help to Go to the Wanna Help Out Page.

What Is Bella & Jake?Edit

Bella and Jake is a new Youtube Comidic Sitcom Series on @Jeber909roxsolo's Youtube Channel. This show has not yet aired. It is about twins Bella and Jake who move in with each other. It stages there crazy lives.

                                  Did You Know
  • The Theme Song Just Fine is used in the hit T.V. Show Sam & Cat opening credits?
  • The Vlogs that Bella do are inspired by the little videos Teddy does from the hit T.V. Show Good Luck Charlie?
  • The show is inspired by hit T.V. shows such as Liv & Maddie, Sam & Cat, and Good Luck Charlie?
  • The show was supposed to premiere in December 2013, but instead it is going to premiere in Summer of 2014?
  • Jake & Bella are twins?
  • The filming for Bella & Jake is done in an actual house not a studio?
  • Josh B. who plays Jake Carter is actually totally silly in real life not serious at all?
  • Baila B. who plays Bella Carter is actually a lot smarter in real life?

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